The Rib, The Heart: Woman

Women! That word encompasses so much that I feel women themselves don't even comprehend. I've spent the last year working on a multi-media project with an end goal of encouraging the sector of humans that have kept this world going round. At the very same time we women can slow that turn to a complete halt if we're not careful. I heard a phrase once from someone stating, "men may be the head but women are the neck". The neck turns the head which ever way it wants. Without a neck, the head doesn't function as well, it has minimal direction. 

"men may be the head but women are the neck"

This project will encompass, graphite, paintings, fashion, photography, poetry, and the list goes on. I am tentatively planning on having the exhibition sometime next year. You can donate to the project by clicking the button below!

Thank you in advance! 

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