Artist Statement

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at thesame time.” –Thomas Merton

This quote sums up my discovery as an artist. This statementI am sure lies true for many creative minds. Pollock, who was an abstractexpressionist, embodied this quote connecting to me personally mainly becausemost of his works were so large. It is assumed he worked so large because ofhis love for nature and great outdoors. It gave room for the subconscious totake over (Surrealism influences). Although my works are more on the real andmore conscious side, when I accepted my desire to be an artist, it spilledthrough a series of paintings. I desired only to paint large scale and when Idid, it almost felt like a subconscious experience because the way I painted,nobody taught me how. It was as if I was literally discovering my abilities andmyself. I did not think I could ever do some of the things I created and am currentlycreating, main themes surrounding humans.

I find myself many times gravitating toward the subject ofwomen, nature, and surrealist biblical theology within the mediums of acrylicpainting, photography, printmaking, pyrography, and sculpture.

One of the things Pollock and I do not share in common is mylove for realistic detail and texture. One of my favorite artists isMichelangelo. His meticulous s attention to detail really intrigues me both inhis paintings and in sculptures. The grandiosity   of itall amazes me. Another artist that comes to mind that creates detailed imageson a large scale is Chuck Close. Art that makes you want to touch it is sointeresting to me. There are numerous artists that many would argue portray thataspect better, but those are just my personal favorites.

The time I spent in Kent State studying fashion designheavily influences my photography and my usage of textiles and other textureswithin my work; inclusive of my love of crafting and handy work. The plot twistin all this considering my love of Michelagelo’s religious works, is mydistaste for artists outside of the old masters who still depict traditional religiousimages, no matter how well executed or detailed they are. I find it importantto display or rather express my belief through my creativity, but in a way thatmakes people think.

Currently most of my themes in my works surround the subjectof women because of a larger project I am putting together that will bring allthe sub works together. The driving force for my interest in women, is my deepdesire to show women, mainly women of the “lower classes”, how beautiful andimportant they are and their roles in society.

As I am working on these, I am not abandoning the variousway to incorporate theology in my other works as well as exploring new mediumsthat allow me to express myself and the messages I try to convey. 

Art Mediums: Acrylic Paint, Graphite, Charcoal, pastel, Crafts (inquire), wood work, photography, videography, and poetry.  

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