My Summer

So this past summer had little to do with art in terms on the normal mediums I dwell in. This summer I learned more about the art of LOVE. I spent most of my summer in a mountain at Summer’s Best two weeks Citikidz division Christian sports camp (SB2W is a bigger ministry camp organization with several divisions). This is my second time working there. A different group of kids come every session and a session consists of 7-8 days depending on which half of the summer they signed up for. It’s located in Rector PA. It’s pretty awesome working there for the mere fact that your’e constantly in God’s creation and you eliminate so much distraction. I grew a lot in my walk with God and I’m still growing. Working with the kids is always amazing. It’s not like a regular boring camp. There is lots of love, like genuine love, everyone is always hype, and the sports opportunities are pretty great! There were challenging moments but there is so much reward in the end. If you are between the ages of 8-18 sign up for the camp and you won’t regret it. If you are over 18 you can apply there to work as a counselor. It’s rewarding either way you look at it if you allow it to be. Website info is below as well as a couple videos of what happens at SB2W. Stay blessed. 

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